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5 Advantages of Having A Qualification in Project Management

Regardless of the industry, project management is a core role for every business. There are several routes to become a project manager. There is a vast selection of project management certifications available for students to choose from, with options to study project management courses online or alternatively, within a classroom. While you can successfully enter a job without a project management degree or certificate, there are huge advantages from gaining specific training for this role.

The value of a project management certification

1. Acknowledged worldwide

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There are a number of project management courses that have UK and international recognition. The best project management courses have been shortlisted down to two excellent options that are esteemed worldwide. The first course, Project Management Professional (PMP)®, is provided via the Project Management Institute (PMI). Whereas the second course, PRINCE2®, is supplied through AXELOS.

No matter where your professional interests lay, from technology to finance, the project management accreditation is well suited across industries. Thus, the course helps you become a stand-out candidate within the competitive recruitment process. Organisations seeking a new project manager often prioritise prospective employees with certificates. The accreditation proves to the employer that you are adept in all the popular project management tools, frameworks and specific techniques. As such, it is definitely worth considering applying for a training course (if you haven’t done so already).

2. Increased project success

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Gaining certified project management training prepares you for the role. For example, you will be introduced to new project management tools to assist you throughout the job. Additionally, you will learn relevant self-development skills. For this reason, business search for employees with a project management certification, as they often lead projects with efficiency and a strong success rate. The versatility of skills and methods gained from courses enable project managers to resolve problems prior to occurrence, a vital responsibility required in every project management position.

Acquiring a certificate within project management does not come easy. Pupils must be passionate and committed because the training is extremely thorough. Individuals must learn the information to pass high-level exams.

Project management training teaches the following skills:

  • Dispel risks that cause project failure

  • Maintain satisfaction of stakeholders

  • Excellent communication skills throughout all parties; clients, employees and managers

  • Enhanced quality of projects

  • Inventory

  • Priorities company resources and their efficient use

  • Plan the schedule, scope and finances with accuracy

  • Oversee schedules, keeping costs and resources within the set budget from start to finish

3. Heightened employability

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Qualified project managers will be significantly more employable for the workplace. Consequently, accredited candidates will experience more opportunities for career progression, enabling you to advance your new career.

Businesses are aware that having project managers with industry-standard certifications brings numerous advantages. PRINCE2 is the predominant qualification used by the UK government. As such, organisations are acutely aware that PRINCE2 certified employees will comprehend the working practices and business’ systems. Employers are assured that individuals with a project management qualifications have industry know-how. Qualified employees have mastered the basic knowledge required for project management, even without prior experience. However, qualifications such as the PMP will indicate to prospective employers that you have an advanced understanding coupled with hands-on experience. Essentially, PMP qualified job applicants stand out as the best candidates.

4. Increase your salary

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As discussed, individuals that have one or more qualification to their name should expect offers from high-end companies and high-quality positions. Consequently, qualified employees are often rewarded with better salaries.

As the PMI’s Earning Power Report revealed, there is a noteworthy monetary leap for PMP certified project managers. The survey demonstrated qualified respondents earned higher salaries. The data showed a 23% pay difference, on average, between the qualified and unqualified across all 37 represented nations. Undoubtedly, certified individuals can demand higher compensation; particularly when holding the PMP qualification. Choosing the right courses and experience could increase your pay-cheque to six-figures!

5. Implement professional standards

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Project management courses are not solely for individuals entering the industry. Gaining a qualification will help you implement international standards that are adhered to by worldwide professionals. Thus, obtaining qualification is also useful for people currently within the industry. A course will enable you to adjust poor habits, reinforce vital project and leadership skills and ensures a boost of your industry understanding.

The majority of these qualifications build from a standard body of knowledge, supplying common terminology for you to share with other professionals. This will enable you to remain in the loop and display excellent communication skills. Ultimately, a qualification will equip you to run a successful (and mistake-free) project from the get-go.