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QCA's expertise is in developing the English national curriculum and its associated assessments, as well as providing a national framework of qualifications that is recognised internationally. We work in partnership to develop a wide range of high quality-products and services to help education and training providers meet the needs of learners, business and industry.

Photo: woman smiling Education and training resources

QCA produces a wide range of resources to support teachers in delivering the national curriculum and assessing pupils' learning. We also provide access to a list of nationally recognised qualifications accredited by QCA.QCA offers advice and expertise ser

Photo: working at a computer Advice and research services

QCA offers advice and research services to national and international bodies on a wider, commercial basis. We work in partnership with clients including CEDEFOP, OECD, the European Commission, the British Council and International Ministries of Education.

Photo - man smiling Accreditation of qualifications

The accreditation of qualifications and recognition of awarding bodies are at the heart of QCA’s mission. QCA develops criteria which awarding bodies and their qualifications must meet, and processes they must go through.

Image: man holding a globe QCA licensing

For those organisations wishing to produce educational materials, the QCA licensing programme enables a wide dissemination of our intellectual property rights (IPR) and access to our resources.

Photo - teacher sitting at desk QCA research and statistics

To develop effective policies to raise achievement and improve learning, QCA works with partner bodies to identify key trends in the education system as well as providing research, statistical analysis and evaluation activities.

open quals logo National qualifications database

openQUALS is QCA’s free, fully searchable database of accredited qualifications. Data is updated as new qualifications are accredited and existing details are amended. openQUALS is therefore the definitive listing of accredited qualifications.

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You can order QCA publications by telephone, post or online via an app.

Photo: teacher at desk in classroom QCA distributions

QCA operates using 'batch mailings' system. This involves a mailing to schools once a month, plus other occasional distributions during the month to schools and non-school addresses.

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