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Opportunities to learn continue throughout life. High-quality vocational learning and qualifications are the key to developing the country’s workforce.We cover all courses from computing to yoga.

QCA develops the national qualification framework for England, Wales and Northern Ireland in partnership with ACCAC (Wales) and CCEA (Northern Ireland). We fund occupational standards, support learning at work and keep the availability of qualifications under review.

This section provides links to our work accrediting and reviewing qualifications and supporting adult learners.

The vision for the new Framework is that it will support systems to recognise learner achievements.

Workforce development

Governments, employers and unions have embraced education and training as powerful tools to build the economy. You can learn to program and take a software training course.

Types of qualification

This section includes information on A levels, advanced extension awards (AEAs), basic skills, entry level qualifications, general certificates of education (GCSEs), general national vocational qualifications (GNVQs) such as skills, key courses and others.

National qualifications framework

This section explains how the national qualifications framework (NQF) sets out the different levels at which qualifications can be recognised, helping learners make well-informed choices on the qualifications they need.

QCA Northern Ireland

QCA Northern Ireland is responsible for monitoring NVQs and for providing advice and information on NVQs and related subjects to individuals and employers, listening to the views of NVQ users and consulting with employers, centres and others.

Photo - electrician at work Awarding bodies

QCA recognises and regulates awarding bodies and their qualifications to maintain the reliability of the national qualifications framework.

Photo - woman at work Subjects and sectors

This section allows you to browse through the general, vocationally related and occupational sectors for information on specific qualification types, or subjects.

QCA Northern Ireland

QCA has responsibility for national vocational qualifications (NVQs) in Northern Ireland and has an office in Belfast.

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