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This section provides links to further information about QCA's work in vocational and national vocational qualifications.

Types of qualification Types of qualification

This section includes information on A levels, advanced extension awards (AEAs), basic skills, entry level qualifications, general certificates of education (GCSEs), general national vocational qualifications (GNVQs), key skills and others.

National qualifications framework National qualifications framework

This section explains how the national qualifications framework (NQF) sets out the different levels at which qualifications can be recognised, helping learners make well-informed choices on the qualifications they need.

Accreditation of qualifications Accreditation of qualifications

The accreditation of qualifications, and recognition of awarding bodies is at the heart of QCA’s mission to ensure that there are a wide variety of high quality qualifications available to learners.

Awarding bodies Awarding bodies

QCA recognises and regulates awarding bodies and their qualifications to maintain the reliability of the national qualifications framework.

Open Quals National qualifications database

openQUALS allows you to search for details of all qualifications accredited by QCA.

Framework for Achievement Framework for Achievement

The new Framework for Achievement will support systems to recognise learner achievements.

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