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GCSE and Equivalent Results for Young People in England, 2005
Statement from Ken Boston
20 October 2005

A curriculum for the future: subjects consider the challenge
QCA has published a summary of the views of experts from subject communities following discussion summits held in January and February this year
12 October 2005

11-19 Reform: Skills framework
From 3 October to 18 November 2005, QCA is inviting views from partners and stakeholders on a draft framework for all learners aged 11-19.
03 October 2005

11-19 Reform: Key stage 3 review
QCA will review the key stage 3 curriculum and assessment, consultations begins this month with teachers, schools and stakeholders.
03 October 2005

English 21 Playback
The QCA has revealed the views of over 5000 people who responded to QCA's call for a national conversation about the future of the subject of English.
30 September 2005

Test orders website
Key stage 1 tests and tasks can be ordered from the test orders website until 30 September 2005 for delivery to schools early January 2006.
20 September 2005

QCA Statement on 1998 Exam Results
"QCA regulates the exam system in England, but does not have any direct involvement with students."
19 September 2005

Key stage 3 English - return of marked scripts and results to schools.
Key stage 3 schools will receive marked scripts and a results letter from this year's English test on 24 August
23 August 2005

QCA congratulates students and teachers on achievements in this year’s GCSE exams
25 August 2005

Ruth Kelly announces prospectus for national skills academies
Education and Skills Secretary, Ruth Kelly, announces prospectus describing the government’s vision for a network of national skills academies.
13 July 2005

Using the P scales
QCA, in partnership with NASEN and the University of Cambridge, is pleased to announce the publication of this new guidance pack for schools.
15 June 2005

Centre recognition project
Regulatory authorities taking forward implementation of a common process for recognising centres delivering accredited qualifications and units
13 June 2005

QCA announces new BETT 2006 E-Assessment Award
QCA is pleased to announce the introduction of a new BETT E-Assessment Award open to all age ranges
13 June 2005

Framework for Achievement: consultation report
QCA, in partnership with the LSC and the SSDA, have completed a report on public consultation into the new Framework for Achievement
11 May 2005

Report on outcomes of Framework for Achievement consultation
Press release on the report on public consultation into the new Framework for Achievement
11 May 2005

GCSE, GCE, VCE, GNVQ and AEA code of practice 2005/6
The code of practice replaces the 2004/5 version with effect from Monday 18 April 2005 and covers the summer 2005 and winter 2006 examination series.
18 April 2005

Advice for key stage 3 schools being used as polling stations
If your school is being used as a polling station, you may need to change your arrangements for administering the key stage 3 English tests that day.
06 April 2005

Two-tier GCSE maths to be introduced
QCA has extended the pilot of the GCSE maths two-tier model. QCA will be trialling two options for a replacement of the current three-tier model.
05 April 2005

Annual Review issued by QCA
QCA today published an Annual Review of activities in 2003/04. The Annual Review considers the range of QCA’s activity over the last year.
23 March 2005

QCA and Sector Skills Councils drive training strategies
Rapid progress has been made between the QCA and the SSCs in developing qualifications strategies that underpin the completed Sector Skills Agreements
22 March 2005

QCA approve changes to OCR specifications in Latin and Classical Greek
QCA has approved changes to the OCR specifications in Latin and Classical Greek to be taught in schools from September 2005.
16 March 2005

QCA at The Education Show 2005
The Education Show (17-19 March) is the UK's leading event for educational resources and recruitment including English. Visit QCA on stand B220. Meet the experts and pick up materials
02 March 2005

QCA's response to the 14-19 White Paper
Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has responded to the 14-19 White Paper
23 February 2005

QCA launches English 21
QCA has launched English 21, a new initiative to stimulate discussion about the future direction of English in the 21st century.
23 February 2005

Consultation on draft end of key stage statements for PSHE and citizenship
QCA welcomes your feedback and suggestions on the draft statements and guidance for PSHE and citizenship. Last date for responses is 28 February 2005.
22 February 2005

A level Mathematics evaluation: reversing the decline in participation
Safeguard the future study of A level Mathematics by taking part in QCA’s evaluation.
17 February 2005

NAA publishes report into the cost of the examination system
As part of the exam modernisation programme, PricewaterhouseCoopers were commissioned to complete a financial model of the English examination system.
14 February 2005

Monitoring reports 2003/4
QCA's subject and phase monitoring reports for 2003/4 are now available to download from this site.
03 February 2005

QCA launches Futures programme
A new initiative to ensure that the national curriculum and assessment frameworks are responsive to the changing demands of the 21st century.
13 January 2005

Draft assessment guidance
Citizenship at the end of KS1 and 2, and PSHE at KS1-4. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.
11 January 2005

Exams office good practice guide
the NAA has worked with exams officers and awarding bodies to develop the Good practice guide.
04 January 2005

QCA awards contract to develop GCSE history pilot
The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has awarded OCR a contract to develop and pilot a new GCSE linking history to related vocational areas
20 December 2004

QCA publishes 'Pathways to learning for New Arrivals'
QCA today published curriculum guidance to help teachers respond to the needs of pupils newly arrived from overseas.
10 December 2004

Independent Committee Report on Examinations Standards
QCA today issued the first report of the Independent Committee on exam standards, chaired by OECD Education Director, Barry McGaw.
03 December 2004

New secure delivery system for unmarked exam scripts
The NAA today announced three new developments in the exam modernisation programme that will provide better support for exams officers.
30 November 2004

Developing a new framework for achievement
QCA has launched a public consultation on a proposed new framework for achievement for young people and adults.
29 November 2004

From summer 2005 the DFES will invite schools to report the attainment of any child working below national curriculum level 1 as a P level.
24 November 2004

QCA at the BETT show
QCA will be showcasing innovation in e-assessment at the BETT show 12-15 January
12 January 2005

QCA's response to the annual report of the Bureaucracy Review Group
QCA outlines its work to develop a new strategic approach to regulation and to reduce bureaucracy in further education and training.
17 November 2004

Review of key stage 3 English test delivery
The QCA Board Committee of Review has reported into operational difficulties with the 2004 key stage 3 English test.
17 November 2004

QCA publishes new programme of study for science at key stage 4
The new programme of study is designed to ensure increased choice and flexibility and make science studies relevant to the 21st Century
15 November 2004

New assessment arrangements for key stage 1 leaflets
New assessment arrangements for key stage 1 has been translated into 11 more different languages
12 November 2004

Examiner recruitment campaign 'Behind every paper there's a student'
The NAA, in conjunction with AQA, Edexcel and OCR, has launched a new examiner recruitment campaign for 2005
02 November 2004

QCA launches the non-statutory national framework for religious education
QCA has published a non- statutory framework for RE, designed to benefit all pupils by improving the quality of teaching and learning in RE.
27 October 2004

Introducing the grammar of talk
The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has published guidance on teaching spoken English.
22 October 2004

QCA response to the Tomlinson report
Ken Boston, Chief Executive of QCA, said: "I congratulate Mike Tomlinson and the 14 to 19 Working Group on their thorough and wide-ranging report."
18 October 2004

Assessment and Reporting Arrangements 2005
The Assessment and reporting arrangements for national curriculum assessment in 2005 are now available.
15 October 2004

Review of key stage 3 English test delivery
The QCA Board has appointed a Committee of Review to investigate and report on the delivery of the stage 3 English test
05 October 2004

QCA optional tests
QCA optional tests for years 3, 4 and 5 and years 7 and 8 are now available for this academic year.
20 September 2004

Customise your curriculum
Information on how teachers are making the curriculum their own
17 September 2004

New assessment arrangements for key stage 1
following the success of the key stage 1 trial. The University of Leeds' evaluation is now available
15 September 2004

New QCA Orderline
QCA has introduced a completely new and enhanced online ordering facility
03 September 2004

Maths test development contract
National Assessment Agency announced that Pearson Education has been awarded a five-year contract to supply mathematics test development services
02 September 2004

A level and GCSE results
QCA congratulates students and their teachers on their hard work and success, and wishes them well.
27 August 2004

Principles for credit framework published
The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and the Learning and Skills Council have today published 'Principles for a credit framework for England'
05 August 2004

New sector and subject categories
For the full list of organisations involved in developing and using the categories and what they will be used for...
22 July 2004

New thinking for reform
This booklet sets out early thinking on introducing a new responsive and coherent framework for recognising qualifications and achievement for adults
07 July 2004

Key Stage Test Marking contract
The National Assessment Agency today announced that Pearson Education has been awarded a three-year contract to supply test operations services
07 July 2004

Guidance available on KS3 English assessment from 2005
To reflect the change to the model of assessment, the shorter writing task will now appear on the Writing paper.
29 June 2004

Key dates for key stage 3 English results
Owing to the introduction of component marking for key stage 3 English, the following is a reminder of the key dates for issuing results for 2004.
23 June 2004

An evaluation of Entry level qualifications
The regulatory authorities, working with the Learning and Skills Council, have completed their evaluation of Entry level qualifications.
17 June 2004

QCA launches new guidance for post-16 citizenship
The QCA has published new guidance to support the development of Citizenship programmes for post-16 learners.
15 June 2004

Exams system modernisation
NAA has produced a leaflet briefly explaining the aims of the Modernisation Programme, and how schools and colleges will benefit.
11 June 2004

2005 key stage 3 English test: Shakespeare set sections
Early sight of the set sections for 2005 that will be sent to schools via a circular in July, similar to last year.
11 June 2004

QCA launches a new web area on post-16 citizenship
You can view guidance for post 16 citizenship with information on developing programmes and case studies of citizenship in practice.
11 June 2004

QCA's INCA website has been expanded
A new section has been added to the INCA website providing descriptions for initial teacher training in nine countries
27 May 2004

QCA launches guidance on the personal development curriculum
This guidance outlines how schools can better coordinate areas of the curriculum at key stage 4 that contribute to students’ personal development.
20 May 2004

Increase in fees for examiners
The National Assessment Agency, NAA, today announced that all examiners and test markers will receive a fee increase this year

Monitoring enquiries about examination results
QCA has published its annual report on enquiries made to awarding bodies about examination results
06 May 2004

Around 5,000 schools trial new key stage 1 assessment arrangements
New assessment arrangements for Key Stage 1 are being trialed in around 25% of local education authorities (LEAs) this year

Revised statutory regulations for external qualifications
The QCA, in partnership with ACCAC in Wales and CCEA in Northern Ireland, has published revised arrangements for the regulation of qualifications
27 April 2004

QCA to consult on national RE framework
The framework will aim to clarify standards in RE, promote high quality teaching and learning, and recognize the importance of the subject to pupils
26 April 2004

Key stage 3 test information (including Shakespeare scenes)
Reminder about important key stage 3 test information for 2004
23 April 2004

Digital blueprint for delivery of e-assessment
Ken Boston, Chief Executive of the QCA, today called for a 5 year strategic blueprint for the national delivery of electronic assessment.
20 April 2004

National tests help 2004
Useful information on the timetable and process for running the Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and Year 7 Progress Tests.
08 April 2004

Free training sessions for exam officers
Awarding bodies, exam officers and the National Assessment Agency to provide advice and support for new exams officers in the run up to 2004 exams
06 April 2004

National Assessment Agency launched
QCA has announced the launch of the National Assessment Agency (NAA), a subsidiary unit of QCA.
05 April 2004

Reports on standards issued by QCA
QCA has issued a series of reports monitoring standards in different subjects in the national curriculum and at GCE and GCSE levels...
01 April 2004

Six-year-old 'digital natives' are tomorrow's e-learners
E-learning and e-assessment are set to transform learners' lives, said QCA Chief Executive Ken Boston.
30 March 2004

Changes to Vocational Certificate of Education (VCE)
Following extensive consultation, the VCE is to be restructured along the lines of the General Certificate of Education
29 March 2004

Examiner recruitment campaign launched
Today AQA, Edexcel and OCR launched a recruitment campaign in conjunction with QCA ahead of the summer 2004 examinations and tests
09 March 2004

Charles Clarke annouces permanent chair of the QCA
Charles Clarke today announced the appointment of Sir Anthony Greener as permanent Chairman of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
05 March 2004

Visit QCA at the Education Show 11-13 March
Find out more about QCA and some of its current initiatives. Visit our stand (B620) and come along to one of our seminars.
08 March 2004

QCA publishes key stage 4 curriculum framework for students with learning difficulties
The QCA has developed new curriculum guidance that promotes greater flexibility and choice for key stage 4 learners with learning difficulties.
04 March 2004

Assessment issues in the 14-19 interim report
Ken Boston looks at the future of assessment, 14-19, and the need for evolutionary change
02 March 2004

Inquiry into Post-14 Mathematics Education
QCA's response to 'Making mathematics count: The Report of Professor Adrian Smith's Inquiry into Post-14 Mathematics Education'
24 February 2004

Ken Boston on 14-19 Working Group
We congratulate Mike Tomlinson and the Working Group on a far-sighted and ambitious blueprint for reform, which opens up a long-term agenda
17 February 2004

QCA advice line on GCSEs in vocational subjects
08456 02 05 05. QCA has set up a telephone and email advice line in order to answer questions from teachers about these new qualifications
12 February 2004

Key skills example portfolios published
Examples of portfolio evidence that show what sort of evidence to collect for the key skills application of number, communication and IT
10 February 2004

QCA to develop non-statutory RE framework
A non-statutory national framework for teaching Religious Education is to be developed by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
02 February 2004

Consultation supports change to key stage 3 English tests
Ministers have accepted the QCA’s recommendation that a change should be made to the key stage 3 English statutory tests in 2005
22 January 2004

Isn’t it time we put the consumer first?
Speech by Sir Anthony Greener, QCA Chairman, to the Learning and Skills Development Agency
20 January 2004

QCA publishes detailed analysis of pupils' performance in the 2003 national tests
The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) has published its annual analysis of pupils' performance in the national tests
19 January 2004

QCA invites schools to pilot KS3 ICT onscreen tests
How to get involved in the 2005 ICT onscreen test pilot.
14 January 2004

New key skills specifications
The new key skills standards (previously known as specifications) are now available by subject on this website.
12 January 2004

BETT (7-10 Jan) and ASE (8-10 Jan) exhibitions
24 December 2003

Comparing A levels with International Baccalaureate examinations
The QCA has published a report comparing A levels with the International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations.
29 December 2003

Curriculum 2000 review: report on phase 3
The QCA has published the report on phase 3 of the review of the Curriculum 2000 reforms.
24 December 2003

Comparability of national tests over time
QCA today published a report entitled 'Comparability of national tests over time: key stage test standards between 1996 and 2001'.
17 December 2003

Modernising the examinations system
QCA to lead examinations system modernisation programme.
17 November 2003

Speaking and listening materials launched
Primary school teachers in England receive guidance on the role that children's talk can play in learning and raising standards in classrooms.
12 November 2003

Assessment for learning materials now online
These materials are designed to promote consistency and coherence in how assessment for learning is applied in the classroom.
10 November 2003

Education for sustainable development (ESD) website launched
Visit the new site for improved services.
31 October 2003

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