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Looking for a software development company in London is no easy task. Bespoke software development companies specialise in creating software that is unique and custom to their clients’ needs and goals. With hundreds to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which software development company is going to be best-equipped to meet your requirements.
We know that not everybody has time to be trawling the internet to compare different companies. To make things easier for you, we have compiled this list of the 10 best software development companies in London, based on their experience, services, and customer reviews.

1. Bespoke Software Development - Schnell Solutions

Our top London software development company is Bespoke Software Development by Schnell Solutions.

Schnell is an award-winning software development company, specialising in creation of custom web and mobile software applications that integrate and automate data & systems processes.

Services offered

Why we chose them

Highly experienced

Schnell is not your average software development company. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, they have the knowledge and background to offer a perfect business fit, whatever your needs may be. They are experienced in developing everything from simple web forms, to large-scale web apps, e-commerce portals and responsive mobile-friendly applications.

Award winning

Previous developments by Schnell have helped them win several awards from industry experts, including the Best Business Award for Innovation in Software. These awards speak for themselves.

Value for money

Schnell offers excellent value for money. Their rapid execution of projects costs clients around 23-30% less than competitors in London.

Ability to deliver

One of the key factors that puts Schnell ahead of other competitors is the ability to deliver on challenging projects. Customers frequently praise Schnell for accepting, and fulfilling, complicated proposals after they have been turned down by other software development companies.

Notable clients they've worked with

Schnell is experienced in helping clients across a wide range of industries, including government, recruitment, pharmaceutical, childcare, and logistics. Some of their notable clients include: NHS, DHL, Trenchard Aviation, and Medway Council.

Here are some other clients that have trusted Schnell with their Bespoke Software Development:

2. Totally.Tech

Totally is another highly-recommendable software development company in London. They use bespoke software solutions to help businesses overcome big challenges and work more efficiently. Another primary goal of Totally is to create software that helps businesses with scalability.

Services offered

Why we chose them

Years of experience

Founded in 2000, Totally is made up of a team of passionate software developers. They have a very human approach to their services and value excellent client relationships, as demonstrated by the many clients they have retained.


The team at Totally live by Thomas Edison’s motto “There is a way to do it better - find it!”. The team at Totally believe that with their expertise, and their clients’ visions, anything is possible.

Notable clients they’ve worked with

Totally are no strangers to retaining clients. Here are some of the notable commercial and not-for-profit organisations they have worked with:

3. HeadChannel

HeadChannel is an innovative software development company that specialises in developing reliable, scalable, and secure software for web and mobile.

Services offered

Why we chose them

A flexible approach

HeadChannel’s software development outsourcing services can offer their help and support at any stage of development. Whether it’s a new build that hasn’t been started yet, a build in progress that needs more hands, or a build that has run into trouble, they’ll be able to help you.

Punctual delivery

HeadChannel is known by customers for delivering projects punctually. On top of this, projects are delivered within budget, and matching 100% of requirements.

A results-driven approach

The dedicated team at HeadChannel use a results-driven agile process to develop new software solutions.

Notable clients they’ve worked with

4. Asper Brothers

Asper Brothers is a London-based software development company with offices also in Warsaw and Fort Worth. With over 12 years in the market, Asper Brothers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you with your development needs.

Services offered

Why we chose them

Tailored services

Asper Brothers offers a broad range of services. This company is an excellent choice if you’re looking to build a software that fully caters to all your needs.

A collaborative approach

Asper Brothers motto is “let’s talk like brothers”. Customer reviews applaud their ability to listen and come up with solutions to any bumps in the road.

Notable clients they’ve worked with

5. AppDrawn

AppDrawn is a bespoke software development company based in London, with additional offices across Europe. The team at AppDrawn have a unique approach to software which focuses on delivering transformational results.

Services offered

Why we chose them

Innovative approach

AppDrawn’s approach to software development is unique and aims to re-inspire what business software looks like.

Focus on client success

AppDrawn’s primary goal is client success. Their focus is on creating software that quickly pays for itself.

On time and on budget

According to AppDrawn themselves, and their customer reviews, AppDrawn repeatedly delivers software solutions on time and on budget.

Notable clients they’ve worked with

6. Waracle

Waracle is made up of a large team (300+) of designers, technologists, and strategists who specialise in health and finance software. Their client focus is primarily enterprise-scale businesses and they are equipped to help the world’s most ambitious clients with large-scale projects.

Services offered

Why we chose them


The large team at Waracle means that they are able to tackle huge projects. They do so with an ambitious mindset that allows them to deliver impactful software that makes a difference.

Collaborative and professional

Waracle is a collaborative and professional company. The team have a flexible approach to software development and are willing to listen to, and build on, their clients’ suggestions and requirements.

Notable clients they’ve worked with

7. Goodcore

Goodcore has been building software for startups and established businesses since 2005. They have helped companies of all sizes across a range of different industries.

Services offered

Why we chose them

Award-winning company

Goodcore has achieved a number of awards and recognitions for their successful software development and has received positive reviews from companies across the globe.

A customer-focused approach

Goodcore offers a 3-6 week discovery phase to allow clients and the software team to get a clear idea of what the software will look like. Once the software has been created, there is a 30-day warranty and help available 24/7 from a dedicated support team.

A smooth process

Work is delivered on time and meets the clients’ expectations. The software itself will be tailored to each individual business, and can be trusted by startups and established businesses alike.

Notable clients they’ve worked with

8. Rubix Software

Rubix Software specialise in creating software solutions and support to the legal and insurance sectors. They aim to use their software to increase productivity, reduce expenses, and improve service.

Services offered

Why we chose them

A refreshing approach

The team at Rubix Software are passionate about what they do. They aim to exceed expectations and deliver software solutions to help a company improve efficiency.

Free demonstrations

Rubix Software offers a no obligation call or demonstration to discuss products and services. They will not bombard you with sales calls, but instead will offer honest suggestions.

Notable clients they’ve worked with

9. Theodo UK

Theodo is a London-based consultancy and digital development agency who build custom web and mobile applications. Their goal is to help clients increase their market share and productivity.

Services offered

Why we chose them


Theodo is all about transparency. They will not hide behind technical language. There will be no hidden surprises or unexpected delays.


Theodo will work with clients to discuss their software solutions. There is a mutual understanding that projects change, and products and services can be tweaked accordingly.

Years of experience

Theodo has grown to become a large, successful company. Founded in 2009, Theodo now has over 200 highly-skilled and experienced staff members.

Notable clients they’ve worked with

10. itCraft

Another leading software development company in London is itCraft. With 12 years on the market, 100+ experts, and 5.0 reviews on clutch, itCraft is another software company not to miss.

Services offered

Why we chose them


itCraft is an ISO9001 & ISO27001 certified software development company with consistently high security standards.

Highly-experienced team

The team at itCraft have years of experience working within the industry. These experts stay tuned to the latest trends and are able to deliver cutting-edge software solutions.

Notable clients they’ve worked with

How to Select the Right Software Development Company

Choosing the right software development company can feel daunting, after all, it’s not an easy project, and it certainly isn’t cheap. Luckily there are a few things you can do to ensure you are making the right choice.


The first thing to consider is the price. Most software development companies will offer a free quote, so take the time to compare prices and find out what the average cost is for your project. Remember that you shouldn’t always take the prices at face value. Study the quote provided to ensure it includes everything you are going to need. This way you can avoid any additional costs later on.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews will also be able to tell you how accurate the quotes provided are. On top of this, you can gauge an understanding of how the company works, and whether or not it is recommended by previous customers. If there are any issues around trustworthiness, skills, or anything else, they will be highlighted in the customer reviews.

Skills and programming languages used

Find out about the skills and programming languages used by different software developers. Most companies will have case studies and portfolios on their websites. You can usually get a good feel for the company by reviewing their website in detail.

Things to Avoid in a Software Development Company

Bad reviews

Bad reviews are there for a reason. If a company has numerous reviews from unhappy customers, there’s no reason why you won’t have a bad experience too. Instead, look for companies that have five-star reviews (or close to), as this is a great indication that they will be trustworthy, skilled, and reputable.

Companies charging too little

While an inexpensive quote can be very appealing, don’t be tricked into thinking you should choose a software development company for this reason alone. Companies charging too little are unlikely to spend much time building your. product or software properly, increasing the risk of you being unhappy with the finished result or running into issues further down the line.

Lack of detailed brief

Companies that don’t put together a detailed brief are not investing enough time or effort into getting your product exactly how you want it to be, again increasing the risk of running into issues. They may avoid giving you a detailed brief because they believe that they know what’s best. However, any software development company that can’t provide a detailed brief is unlikely to have your business goals in mind.

Software Development Company FAQ

How much does a software development company cost?

There are numerous factors that affect the cost of software development, including the size, duration and complexity of the project. Quotes are usually somewhere between £20,000 and £180,000.

What skills are essential in a professional software development company?

Some of the most important skills in software development are technical abilities, such as coding, programming, and testing software. From the perspective of a business hiring a software development company, skills such as communication, problem solving, and organisation are equally important.

How long will a software development project typically take?

Software development projects typically take 8-12 weeks to complete. That said, some projects can take much longer, depending on the size and complexity.